Power Flushing

What is Power Flushing?

We go through the process of power flushing to make sure that your central heating works well all year round. The process requires us to flush the system out using a chemical which breaks down and gets rid of any of the sludge, limescale or rust that can cause issues.

We power flush heating systems every time we install a new boiler and when problems arise due to sludge and dirty water.

  • The process of a power flush is to clean your heating system using a power flush machine to collect all of the dirt and rust, chemicals to breakdown rust particles and sludge and a vibraclean to help dislodge the particles within the radiators.
  • Over time water will cause your radiators to rust from the inside out. we can slow this process down once your system has been by keeping your system topped up with inhibitor.

Signs your heating system needs power flushing?

  • heating takes longer than usual to heat up
  • dirty water from radiators when bleeding
  • boiler constantly breaking down
  • radiator cold spot (hot at the top cold at the bottom)
  • banging and clanging noises

What benefits do you get from a power flush?

Power flushing has multiple benefits for your system.

  • Keeping your heating system clear means that it will run more efficiently, keeping your home warm when needed and reducing the chances of it breaking down at the worst moments.
  • It increases the lifespan of your central heating system and help to keep the costs of the heating down.

Power flushing should be part of regular maintenance for your home heating system to avoid the build up of materials that can break cause break downs.

Next Steps

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