Boiler Repairs in Oxford

Boiler Repairs in Oxford

Boilers are central to daily living, and when it breaks down, it is an inconvenience and can impact your comfort levels in your home. It is important to get experienced advice as soon as you notice, it is not running how it should.

Avid Heating’s friendly team of Gas Safe registered heating engineers have plenty of experience diagnosing and repairing common and complex boiler and central heating issues.

 From not having running hot water to leaking, we provide prompt and professional boiler repairs in Oxford.  We work quickly and proficiently to ensure your boiler is back to working order – performing efficiently all year round.

No Fix – No Fee: We Guarantee Our Boiler Repairs!

Avid Heating offers a ‘no fix, no fee’ policy, where we won’t charge you if we can’t fix the problem (T&C’s apply). We take great pride in the work we do and treat each home with the utmost care – as if it were our own. We also guarantee all parts for one year.

Our Proactive Approach

At Avid Heating, our Gas Safe heating engineers are fully regulated, and we will service
your boiler to the highest standard of quality and safety.

Carry out a complete check to assess whether the boiler meets the latest requirements.

Check the pressure.

Provide power flushing

Inspect the boiler for signs of corrosion, leakages, damage, noises, and blockages – if we can repair issues then and there, we will.

Carbon monoxide checking.

Making sure your boiler areas are clear of obstructions.

Do you need a boiler service?

FAQ About our Boiler Repairs

Avid Heating’s engineers are highly trained and equipped to handle critical issues with ease. Boilers can have several intermittent problems at any one time, so not every issue is discoverable without a thorough manual inspection. That’s why we always go the extra mile for our clients, troubleshooting any existing or potential issues swiftly to maximise performance and efficiency while also preventing a recurrence.

  • No heating/hot water
  • Fluctuating hot water (from hot to cold)
  • Heating coming on when calling for hot water
  • Banging and clanging noises coming from your heating system
  • Boiler pressure keeps dropping
  • Radiators not hot enough
  • Leaking or dripping from the boiler
  • Thermostat not working

If we can’t fix your boiler, we will tell you straight away. Our expert engineer will clearly explain what your options are and answer any questions that you have.

Our success has been built on customer satisfaction and our fast response to the boiler and central heating issues. On average, we diagnose and repair boilers within an hour and a half.
Whether yours is a combi, system or regular boiler, our dedicated heating engineers will ensure it is fixed quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Yes, our engineers fix all domestic boilers, including combi and conventional boilers.

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